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Hickory Oaks Trails

image of caption item Hickory Oaks Forest Preserve trails are open 362 days a year. Trails open at sunrise and close at sundown. All along the various trails you will view many native plants and animals. From summer through fall you will see bees and various species of butterflies. As you walk along, you are sure to see one of our many gray squirrels and an occasional deer early in the morning or late in the evening looking for food or water. In the spring, you may be lucky enough to see some baby bunnies. Please do touch or try to capture as pets. Remember, the plant and animals of the forest preserve are protected and should not be removed from the preserve. If you wish, you can purchase plants or seedlings from the gift shop.

Hickory Oaks closes early on Christmas Eve and is closed Christmas Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Easter Sunday.
A wide variety of bees and wasps frequent our flower gardens. This bumble bee is one example.
Butterflies often visit our gardens, you'll see Monarch, Hoary Edges, and swallowtails of all varieties.
Baby rabbits are called kits. As many as 12 can be in a litter.