Nick Pond

ITS 360 Ethics in IT



What would you do questions:

1) I would say that this request is pushing the boundaries with your employees because they have already gotten badgered about the drive and I feel that they shouldn’t have to constantly be pressured into something they’ve already done or didn’t want to do.  I personally would not want to donate again after being asked the first time.

2)  I would be flexible about the budget and give a 2% increase so that the workers are entitled to their raise as well as keeping a watch on the budget for the company.




1) They wanted to track waste and help benefit the environment, They were able to create a huge amount of jobs for the work force in the industry, They noticed holes in the ozone layer and wanted to take steps to prevent any further disruption.

2) They decreased ozone harming chemical usage, they plan to seek alternative methods of waste and energy consumption, they were the first company to introduce a specific standard for environmental protection.

3)  By providing ways to help the environment through technological means.



1) I don’t think it was right or fair for them to move locations due to the fact that they were aiming to reduce profits while not thinking of their employees.  The actions in Iran were just, and they held a conference to apologize any misdeeds.

2)  They didn’t want to get screwed over their own money and when corporations do this sort of thing consumers are not going to be happy and are going to boycott to ensure that they get their rights.

3) It would be very hard to make ethical decisions because you would have to think about how it would affect the company and the employees. It would be hard to balance everybody’s needs.