Nick Pond†††††††††††

ITS 360


Chapter 10

What would you do?

1)      I would talk to the higher ups in the audit department and say that it isnít ethical to have this program to give free tax returns to certain individuals.† It isnít right for this to happen and it should be dealt with accordingly.

2)      I would confront the company about the actions first off.† After that get settled if nothing works out with the company I would go to the agency and try to explain the situation to them in order to stop the pollution.



1)      IBM is a big iconic company and because they can tell their companies up and down their supply chain, they have a lot of power into how the environmental policies occur.

2)      Cisco uses the supply chain programs to score the suppliers and make sure that they are following with procedure.† They also conduct independent third-party audits of their suppliers to get accurate reports on progress.

3)      They get people to follow the supply chain programs to ensure that progress goes smoothly and to make sure that everyone abides by the program.


1)      I would say that as long as the information doesnít impede on any laws or privacy then it would be okay to be as accurate as possible.

2)      I would put it in the application that by turning the application in, they give permission for me to use the e-verify system so I can make sure that there isnít any issues with the applicant.

3)      I would say that some agencies should be able to work with this, but I would say that it would cross the line with government agencies because they already have enough surveillance activities that can shift views in their favor.