Nick Pond

ITS 360 Ethics in IT



What would you do questions:

1)      †Personally, I believe that you shouldnít hold off a sale with a customer if itís for your own benefit.† The customer should get the same quality service that anyone else gets, especially if it was a $100,000 sale.† Itís about the customer, not the sales representative.

4)††† I would get to know who she is and if she will be a great asset to the company especially with IT experience.† Ask her why she wants the job to see if she has any drive to want to work at the company and you will be able to know whether or not she truly wants to be a part of the company.



Whistle Blower:

1)      The reports financially were negatively affected through the course of the year because of the accounting mishap.† The reports also affect how the rest of the company does because everyone in Success Factors takes away from this financial data and thus affects them.


2)      No, due to the fact that it is important to be truthful to your investors because that will ultimately affect whether they decide to invest in your business or not.† If they donít do reports, that would affect the rest of their financial year.


3)      I would have people check over the accounting records even after they have already been finished to ensure that there is a slim to none chance that there would be a mistake.



1)      They could change the certification to something of a different focus in their field such as going from IT for a major hospital to a maintenance supervisor in a smaller focus job.† Even with the change, there is always going to be acclimation to change and it can take some time to adjust to the new change in your job.

2)      Employees that have these certification examinations want to have someone well versed in a certification that focuses on everything in the field rather than just one topic.

3)      The certification shows that you have an extensive knowledge for your career field and gives you the opportunity to show and share your knowledge about the job.† Certification programs would have to be well versed in the IT field with their examinations in order to be more familiar with the job at hand.