Nick Pond

ITS 360 Ethics in IT


Chapter 3

What would you do questions:

1)      I would say that this sort of job would be very interesting for me to work with as it would help get me very important on the job experience.† However, the pressure to defend against cyberterrorist attacks would be quite difficult.† I would ask questions based on the computers current security against cyberterrorism.

2)      I would follow through with what he has to say and talk to the supervisor of the company afterwards in order to do as much as you can to be able to get the website back without paying the money.† For example hiring someone to monitor the online activity and catch the blackmailer.



Anonymous and Social Hacktivism:

1)      If I had the computer experience, I would definitely join anonymous.† Bringing social justice through the web and computer systems is something I think needs to happen in order to help provide security to the regular daily people.

2)      I feel that it wasnít legal for them to do that and that there are better ways in order to exploit companies like that rather than giving away private personal information.

3)      They can pose a huge threat to those web sites because they canít be traced back and they are successful in their hacking most of the time.† This can cause huge problems for the government when they canít trace back the hackers that access their websites.

Computer Forensics:

1)      Computer Forensics helped identify who these people were and helped to bring them to justice through computer forensics.† It helped draw out what happened and how.

2)      Computer Forensics can help prevent actions before they are able to occur.† For instance with hackers that hack a website and try to gain access to a lot of money, computer forensics can track down the type of malware, the people responsible, and how they can be countered.

3)      I would say that criminal investigation skills would be huge for finding these people and figuring out how to stop them as well as critical thinking skills like with mathematics.† These help bring out the analytical side of thinking and thus can better benefit computer forensic experts.