Nick Pond


ITS 360

Chapter 4


What Would You Do?

1)      I would say that it is not a very good idea due to the fact that it isnít right to spy on people and stalk them.† I would give them the idea to talk to their significant other in order to figure this stuff out face to face because that is the morally justified and best way to handle the situation.

5) I would be a bit leery about my friend doing this because that is a lot of information that youíre giving out.† I would say that it is up to them, but I would advise them to wait on a relationship, if it is meant to happen it will happen in time.† Information is private and should be handled more safely by protecting your information and not giving it out so easily.




1)      I would say that it is their own private business for what they do on facebook because it is just like having information in your own home and people coming in to look at it without permission.

2)      I would say that they should keep the same security settings, they need to educate and inform people that use facebook to better understand the security settings and how to use them.† Facebook users need to be educated on how they protect their information and who views it.

3)      I would say that if the privacy settings were obsolete to career aspects and people that could be your boss would cause me to stop using it.


1)      Facebook is a prime example of a website that has major privacy issues, even though they are primarily the cause of the users themselves.† I would say that you should work on fixing the problem rather than delaying its effects.

2)      I would say that it is because they want to provide the most accurate sources of data possible for the people that use it.† I would say that any more information would be too much information to users online.

3)      I feel that it is very accurate and kind of scary due to the fact that people can just easily find where you live online.