Nick Pond

ITS 360

Chapter 5


Chapter 5

What would you do?

2) I would personally advise them not to spy for the government and tell them that it seems like a shady kind of job that invades privacy of the website.  I would try to steer them to a better job that wouldn’t be intrusive towards violating privacy and anything related to that topic.

3) I would say shame on you for exposing the provocative images of some teenage girl to your friends in school and that I would take their phone away and ground them for a month.  I would then explain the importance of being private of such matters and that anything that gets sent as a message or a picture is monitored and to be careful what he sends.



1)      The first amendment clearly states that it protects all individuals and their rights to free speech.  Even if the information was leaked and the information is not likeable to everyone, it is still protected as freedom of speech in the first amendment.

2)      I personally would say that they aren’t justified in releasing those e-mails because they are e-mails that they don’t have rights or permission to and that it is an invasion of privacy.  It is no different than releasing confidential U.S. documents because they are classified and not to be used or exposed.

3)      I would say that they shouldn’t be allowed to post anything that they don’t have written permission to post and that they shouldn’t be posting confidential documents for the internet to see.


1)      I believe it is protected due to the fact that is has verified and given permission to the third party advertisements and that maintenance advisors of Facebook know what is being sent through.  I think if the content is absurd and offensive then Facebook should monitor these kind of posts and deem what should and shouldn’t be posted.

2)      A student has to be careful as to whether or not their posts would affect their chances at getting a job further down the line in their high school and college career.

3)      Yes, due to the fact that they are violating that person’s privacy and condoning cyber bullying being okay to do.  Facebook should monitor these occurrences and end them before they get taken too far like this example.