Nick Pond

ITS 360


Chapter 6

What would you do?

1)      I would post a list of rules to all applicants to the organization for the rules to be enforced and well known.† I would make sure that the members of the company know that there are consequences towards those that act unethically in the company whether it be that they are fired or get suspended without pay.

2)      I would place more benefits for remaining in my company for a longer period such as pay bonuses or opportunities to work your way up the company the longer you work for it.† The benefits would increase as the employees stayed longer with the company.


Alice Case:

1)      I would say that the patent must be for a product or idea that has no relatable qualities to other ideas.† I would suggest that would be the only way to be completely protected and if the product is protected by a patent, the advertisement for the product would be protected as well.

2)      I would say that it depends on the reasoning for the troll, if it is to bring awareness to flaws in the system in the us then I would say that it isnít as bad as doing it just because you want to screw over innovators.

3)      I would say that these lawsuits discourage innovation for new ideas due to that it is so easy to file a lawsuit towards a somewhat stolen idea.

Google Book

1)      I believe that they have taken the best approach towards this idea because there isnít a perfect way to do something like this and have everyone who has books agree to the subject matter.† I believe that their way is the best way to avoid copyright infringement by getting permission from every owner.

2)      I am personally not in favor since I believe that if you want to go read a book, you should read the actual book and not go online for it.

3)      I think that if they want to create the idea to do so then they have every right to profit from it.† I donít like the idea myself but that is just my opinion on the matter.