Nick Pond

ITS 360


Chapter 7

What would you do?

3) I would put an exclaimer out to the company about the mistake and help get back all the money that was owed and make sure that there arenít any more mistakes.

4) I would recommend to management that there be a delay on the product due to the errors and bugs found within it and that there be a notice to all possible customers that there will be a delay on the product.†


Apple Guidelines

1)      Yes, they should, mainly because they need to make sure that the content of the app is respectful to everyone and that it wonít be offensive in any way.† This is the only way for them to ensure that it is safe material for everyone.

2)      Adobe flash is known to be an exploit for hackers to be able to get into iOS software and this is mainly the reason for apple to ban the use of it. They need to cover their exploitable software.

3)      I would say it doesnít because it is for the safety of everyone that uses the apps, if it isnít obscene to the public, then it doesnít violate freedom of speech.

Software Errors

1)      Any measures possible must be taken for there to not be any risk of death. There should be a numerous number of tests that ensure the safety of the product.

2)      The only way to ensure that there are no negative repercussions are for the products to be tested and ensured that they are safe and able to be used for the public.