Censorship in Social Media

Social media censorship is one of the most controversial and tricky areas to control and assess as a moderator of a website.

It is a major part of today's information ecosystem and as such is a difficult area to monitor and supervise. Moderators for websites such as facebook and twitter have to constantly watch over the website in order to ensure that the content that is being viewed is safe and non-offensive to the general public. This is mainly due to the face that there is such a fine line between what somebody perceives as offensive and what is not. This can create problems for the moderators due to the amound of people that are complaining about the content that is offensive to them.

Prior Ethical Issues

Social media has had ethical concerns with censorship every since the website's initial debut. With all the users that log on to the website, there is always content that has gotten filtered through everyday. The moderators job is to try filtering all this information that goes through constantly. There has been methods to try to improve this over time but in the beginning lifespan of a site, it is much more difficult to manage. This is usually where the creator of the website issues a code of conduct that defines the rules of the website and what content can go on the website without being blocked or taken down. Even with the code of conduct in place there is still quite a number of things that are shown on the website that get banned but shouldn't. Somebody who posts a political cartoon regarding events in politics could have a temporary ban because of the content that could be offensive to some people.

Present Ethical Issues

In recent years, the government has been trying to take advantage of social media's popularity and try to control what gets censored on the websites. A lot of main controversy is usually focused around the freedom of speech aspect. Most people try to fight for their rights due to the 1st amendment and despite their good intentions or their claims to a free speech philosophy, most companies and the government still empoly a terms of servicee on these claims. These terms of service usually censor a broad range of constitutionally protected speech.

The government will use Social media the same way that it uses the news for censorship in order to shift views towards their popular opinion.

Future Solutions???

I believe that many future solutions depend on enforcing the code of conduct on these websites when people first sign up because that would portray that the website has rules. Even with that, it is difficult to judge if there is any true way to solve the problem, there are only ways to mitigate and lessen it.