Nick Pond

ITS 335


SF 3-3 Performance Evaluation

Problem: Your B2C beaded jewelry web site has been in operation for six months. Online sales have increased every month, but you are still not quite sure how well your site is actually performing. You need help with evaluating your site’s performance.

Instructions: Use search tools and the information in this special feature to create at least three measurable performance benchmarks for your site. (You may assume any additional information about your B2C beaded jewelry business not detailed in these instructions.) Next, evaluate services and costs for at least three marketing companies that offer Web analytics and performance evaluation tools. Choose the marketing company that, in your opinion, offers the best selection of services and costs for your site.


1.        Write a report that explains the performance benchmarks you have created and how the benchmarks will help you evaluate your Web site’s performance.

The three companies that I chose are,, and  I feel that these websites are economically expanding and have a lot of varying ideas that could help the site in a grand scale.  They have a lot of ways to promote business such as through social networking and ads that give them a big advantage.

2.        Include in your report a summary of the services provided and costs for    those services for each reviewed marketing company. Discuss the reasons for your choice of the specific marketing company that will provide you with Web analytics and performance evaluation products and services.

Most of the services relay to consumers all across the world and personally I believe that amazon especially has more of a diverse consumer field due to the fact that it sells to a wide variety of buyers.