Nick Pond

ITS 360


Censorship in Social Media


Social Media is one of the biggest parts of todayís information ecosystem.† Due to this fact, it the biggest and most difficult area to monitor and supervise.† Online censorship is one of the biggest concerns in social media today because of this.† The problem is that there can be a very fine line between something that somebody sees as offensive and something that is acceptable by everyone.† Moderators for websites such as Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, etc. are constantly having to watch over what gets posted on social media and if it follows by the rules that they govern the website.

There is a numerous amount of content to filter through by the mods and this creates a lot of problems.† The moderators must try to cater to everyone that uses the website but there is only so much that can happen to fix problems that could occur.† People post whatever content that they desire on social media and there is so many people online that it can be hard to track what happens.† Therefore, most websites have a set of rules or code of conduct that specifically state what is allowed on the website and what is forbidden.

In recent years, some governments are trying to take advantage of this popularity and pressure the creators and moderators of the websites to help out with national security.† This just goes to show how much power that social media has due to the amount of people that view and are a part of this everyday.† Censorship through these means can be a very powerful way to get your points across and with recent events with ISIS, the government is trying to use this to their advantage.† Moderators have the power to censor anything that gets put up on social media and this can be used to portray certain views of current events as inappropriate which sends out a negative message.

††††††††††††††† Another issue is that many types of content can get banned for very minute and very hard to understand as to why it is censored.† For example, there could be something such as a certain way clothes are portrayed that could offend someone.† This could cause a content ban on this type of clothing for the website if the moderators get enough negative remarks to this.† The only drawback is that they could also be getting negative remarks for taking down the content which is why it is so hard for moderators to filter through things to ban from their website.

Overall, moderators on social media websites have a lot of power into what they can control in regards to censorship of material on the website.† This is good and bad because of the negative influence that they get from both sides of the censorship argument.† The censorship policy for websites is very misconstrued and thatís why there is sets of rules that the moderators follow in order for there to be order with content on social media websites.