Pema Lama

What would You do?

1. Your friend is going through a tough time with his current significant other and believes she is cheating on him. He is aware of your technical prowess and has asked you to help him purchase and install a stalking app on her cell phone. What would you say?

I would say not to do such action without telling to his girl and will tell him it is against her personal privacy and violating law. I would tell him ask her and if she agree than install.

2. Your auto insurance company has offered you a 15 percent discount (roughly $200 per year) if you agree to let them install a sophisticated vehicle event data recorder (EDR) in your car. You have read over the terms of the agreement and discover that if you are involved in an accident, you must agree to let the data from the device be collected and analyzed by a third-party accident investigation firm. You must also agree to let findings from this analysis be used in a court of law. What questions would you want answered and what advice might you seek before deciding whether to accept this discount offer?

I am taking progressive insurance and I am also part of their snapshot program which install device in car to track how I drive and how often I drive my car. They say that they will analyze my driving habits and if it goods then I will get discount. I decided to involve in this program because they told me if my speed is over the limit or if I brake too hard, there will be alarm beep to make me aware of driving bad. So I thought taking part in this program would not only get discount for my insurance but also make me better and responsible driver. However, I would like to ask them what is the primary reason for company to doing so. Is it the reason to make people aware of how they drive, or is the record help insurance company to know how accident occur so that they organize program and make important measure to minimize accident or either they just want to install it to gather information so that we cannot lie when we involve in accident? I would like to know the program is only for their own benefit or both mutual benefit.


Discussion Questions


Facebook Troubles with User Privacy

1. Do you think that Facebook or careless, uninformed users should be held responsible for privacy issues related to using Facebook? Explain.

I think in case of Facebook and its users, it is Facebook responsible for privacy issue. Because they partnered with Datalogix and sell users information without user knowledge. I feel this is totally against user privacy. Instead of doing this, they can inform to the users about the agreement with Datalogix as Facebook subsidiaries Instagram did even though it is not good option for positive business for Facebook company.

2. What additional measures should Facebook take to protect user privacy? What additional actions are required on the part of Facebook users to maintain adequate privacy?

As comparing to before, Facebook has significantly improved to protect user privacy. For examples, when you update photos and status, you can modify who to access in the menu bar. Since the Facebook did pretty well in protecting user privacy in their website, they also need to protect user privacy behind the screen. That means they cannot make agreement with other advertisement company for use of Facebook user information without user knowledge. They should also implement the best security measure to ensure the user privacy information including credit card, name, and other information from third party or hackers.

3. Describe a privacy issue so serious that it would cause you to stop using Facebook.

The privacy issue is really an important thing to discuss about when it comes to personal safety and security. Sometime we donít know who is our enemy and if the Facebook is not that secure, our enemy can use our picture and information for various reason to harm us. If Facebook continue make deal with other advertisement company without our knowledge, our personal information and banking information can be share among many different company. Doing so, we might get lots of email from advertisement company making our email memory full and also more vulnerable to spam, phishing and ransomware. There is also chances of stealing our money from bank when those third party is attack by hackers and crackers. Looking on all this reason, we could stop using Facebook.



Google Collects Unprotected Wireless Network Information

1. Cite another example of information technology companies pushing the boundaries of privacy issues; apologizing, and then pushing again once the scandal dies down. As long as the controversy fades, is there anything unethical about such a strategy?


In the beginning, people criticize Facebook for not doing enough for user information privacy and they improve the system. Later they share user information with Datalogix without user knowledge.

Yes, it doesnít matter whether controversy fades or remain, unethical ethical remains always same before and after. We cannot say that there is no more controversy and now their action is not more unethical.

2. Google states that its intention in gathering unprotected wireless network information was simply to be able to provide more accurate location data for its Street View service. Can you think of any reason for Google to have gathered this data? Is there any potential service Google could consider offering with this additional data?

It may be gather for improving google advertisement service by studying how user use their internet over specific area, also can be used to check improve google service in the area. It can also collect to track how people spend time in network. Google could serve better navigation system to its user using additional data.

3. Enter the street address of your home or place of work to find what photos are available in Street View. Comment on the accuracy of Street View and the content of the photos you find. Does this sort of capability delight you or concern you? Why?

I put the address of my friend and the accuracy of the street view and the content of the photos was perfect. This sort of capability delight me and in other hand it concerned me too. We know there is always positive and negative sides which we can also called risk and benefits. In regarding to street view, if we have to find our friends, bar, restaurant or any other place it is greatest invention to use it. However, these service can use by people in negative way, which means enemy can use that information to harm other and thief can collect their data to execute plan. So it is always important to compare risk and benefits of the service.