Pema Lama

What would You do?

1. Your manager is leading a project to develop new software that is essential to the success of the midsized manufacturing firm where you work. The firm has decided to hire outside contractors to execute the project. One candidate firm boasts that its software development practices are at level 4 of CMMI. Another firm claims that all its software development practices are ISO 9001 compliant. Your manager has come to you and asked for your opinion on how much weight should be given to these certifications when deciding which firm to use. What would you say?

I would say considering the company based on level of CMMI and ISO 9001 standard is pretty useful when it comes to software development. This is because both certificate can only acquire if company follows the quality management system which focus on identifying and meeting the needs, desire, and expectations of their customers. The company has to go through different test to acquire those certificate and it is not easy to get. Many company in the world failed to get these certificates. So company having these certificate should be trustable to give our software project. However, I would suggest to either choose company with CMMI level of 5 or the company that has given ISO standard certification.


2. You are a programmer for a firm that develops a popular tax preparation software package designed to help individuals prepare their federal tax returns. In the course of testing some small changes that were made to the software, you detect an error in the software that results in roughly a 5 percent underestimation of the amount owed—both for those who indicated that they were single and for those who indicated that they were married but filing separate tax returns. It is now late March, and it is likely that well over 100,000 users who submitted their returns using your firm’s software will be affected by this error. What do you do?

5 percent underestimation of the amount owed by people will give huge loss to people who has great amount of tax return and also more than 100,000 users will affect. Since, I already detect the error in the software it will not take long time for me to modified it. Calculating the loss and consequences of this error, I would immediately improve the code and update the software package so that users will get actual amount they are supposed to get.



Discussion Questions

Intersystem Earns ISO 9001-2208 Certification

1. A mission-critical system is one whose failure will result in an organization being unable to continue business operations. A safety-critical system is one whose failure will result in human injury or loss of life. Is the John Hopkins system described above mission critical or safety critical? Why? Can you give an example of a safety-critical system that is not mission critical?

John Hopkins described safety critical system. Because if intersystem that installed in center failed, it can give wrong information about the patient, that lead doctor to treatment incorrect for every customer. For example, a person with having back problem, but if the system fails and give information about that person saying he has cancer, then doctor will treat him with cancer instead of back pain. We can take one helicopter crash as an example of safety critical system but not mission critical.

2. Caché and its associated application tools constitute a system that is used to build a wide variety of information systems for customers around the world. Do you think that the Caché software and tools should be considered a safety-critical system and undergo the rigorous development process associated with such systems? If so, what would be the implications for Intersystem and its customers in terms of costs and frequency of software modifications and updates? Would this put Intersystem at a competitive disadvantage to other software development companies?

Yes, it should be considered as safety critical system and should undergo the rigorous development process to ensure it work perfect. Intersystem need to check, if necessary modified time to time to ensure that the software work without any problem. For doing this, intersystem need to hire more people and can cost company lot sum of money. As such, increasing expenditure for company will eventually cost more for its customer in order to maintain profit for the company. No, if the company software has positive history of the how it works then it would have more customer no matter the cost of it and also safety critical system are implemented in many organizations to do various important job.

3. Should every organization that builds safety-critical systems be required to have all its system development processes and tools ISO-9000: 2008 certified? Why or why not?

Organization that builds safety critical system must need system development process and also better to have ISO 9000 certified. This is because failure of safety critical system can have big impact on its users and many can lose life because of this. Organization with ISO 9000 certified proves that they have quality management system for their software.


Software Errors Lead to Death

1. What additional measures must be taken in the development of software that, if it fails, can cause loss of human life?

The additional measure we must be taken in the development of software are:

a)       We should implement N-version programming to minimize the impact of software errors by independently implementing the same set of user requirement N times.

b)      Quality assurance staff should perform sufficient testing to make sure that it works under various different circumstances.

c)       Should implement RAID to cope with failures and error.

d)      We should carefully study and design system human interface since human behavior is unpredictable as the performance of hardware and software components in complex systems.

2. What can organizations do to reduce the negative consequences of software development problems in the production of their products and the operation of their business processes and facilities?

All software developer must implement security check in order to have a secure action. From time to times, they should keep update and improve bugs to avoid negative impacts. Before final product, developer should test and run the code under different system-human interface.