Pema Lama

What would you do?

1. A coworker who is a recruiter told you that she is going to drop a job candidate because she feels that he is totally irresponsible. She found out through research on Facebook that the candidate married and divorced his high school sweetheart before graduating from college and once had his car repossessed. What would you say to your coworker about this?

I would suggest her not to drop him because of the reason that candidate married and divorced his high school girl. I would recommend her to do research more what is the real cause. I would also tell it is not appropriate and professional to fire him out because of that reason.


2. Your friend has been active on the Wanelo social shopping site. He joined with a fictitious name and personal information, and is posing as a young twentysomething female. He is “following” half a dozen young women and making derisive comments on the collections of items they have saved. He has shown you a number of his postings and the associated— sometimes angry, sometimes hurt responses. He invites you to join him in his charade. What would you do?

I would say I cannot join and it is not appropriate to do that. I would suggest him it is not ethical to give wrong information to other people.



1. Procter & Gamble Turns to Social Networking

Discussion Questions

1. Should the success of a social networking marketing campaign be measured simply by an increase in units sold? Why or why not?

No, it is because we cannot tell that all the product sold are because of the social networking marketing. For this, company has to study more on how their product sold out in the market. They need to research on how effective the social networking marketing campaign has help them in selling their products and also what other meant help them to sell their product. It will not be accurate to measure the success of social networking marketing campaign by increase in unit sold.

2. What key arguments might have been used to convince P&G marketing executives to drop their long-running use of soap operas and replace them with social network advertising?

Since the time and technology has change, people use more social networking, internet and television then radio. So advertising through soap operas in radio will not be working anymore and they need to advertise on that platform where people spend more time, which is social networking such as Facebook.

3. Develop a list of five key criteria that P&G might use to assess both the appropriateness and effectiveness of its YouTube commercials.

YouTube is second world most search engine in the world and gets over 6 billion hours viewed per month which make P&G advertising to better asses to the customer.

Advertising in YouTube cost less than other, that led company to save expenses on its advertising campaign.

Since it is video streaming, people will enjoy more while watching advertisement comparing to text advertisement, which make P&G advertisement more effective.

P&G has lot of product that are specially make for young women and YouTube has lots of women viewers, so it will be really effective and appropriate for P&G to use YouTube commercial.

There is no boundary for YouTube, that means it broadcast in almost every country in the world which make more effective for P&G to use it for advertisement.


2. Facebook Raises Privacy Issues

Discussion Questions

1. Do you agree with Facebook’s philosophy of automatically enrolling users in new features without their knowledge or consent? Why or why not?

I agree with Facebook philosophy of automatically enrolling users in new features without their knowledge or consent because, when someone from your friend tag you, we will get notification right away that will let us know that I have been tagged and cannot removed it right away if I feel appropriate. However, I would suggest Facebook to implement such features that will ask users whether they are interested on tagging by their friend before they actually tag it.

2. What concerns might a Facebook user have with the Tag Suggestions feature?

Facebook user can be aware of what kind of people will see his/her photo when someone tag them. There are certain cases that user doesn’t want other specific people to see some photos and tagging them by their friends can see by the people that user doesn’t want to show. Also some people tag someone in unwanted, and useless picture that other user doesn’t want to tag.

3. Do you use the Facebook Photo Tag Suggestions feature? Why or why not?

Yes, I used sometime when I needed. Sometime I wanted to share picture and also wanted to show who is in the picture. To show who is in the picture, the tag suggestion feature work best instead of describing or commenting in words below the picture.