Pema Lama

What would you do?

1.        You are a member of the Human Resources Department of a three-year-old software manufacturer that has several products and annual revenue in excess of $500 million. You’ve just received a request from the manager of software development to hire three notorious crackers to probe your company’s software products in an attempt to identify any vulnerabilities. The reasoning is that if anyone could find a vulnerability in your software, they could. This will give your firm a head start on developing patches to fix the problems before anyone can exploit them. You’re not sure, and you feel uneasy about hiring people with criminal records and connections to unsavory members of the hacker/ cracker community. What would you do?


People’s mind can change often especially when it comes to money. If those hackers can identify different vulnerabilities, we did not know later they can use those vulnerabilities for their own and friends benefit. Since those people have criminal record and have connection with unsavory members of hacker community, I cannot believe them and I will try not to hire them. Instead I will try to find good hacker those who only work to find vulnerabilities for company and earn money. If I didn’t find any good hacker and have no choice but to hire them only, then I will take all necessary measure to make sure those hackers will not hack company system later. For this I will ask for their identity, take detail information about the person and check all personal background.


2.       Imagine that you have decided on a career in computer forensics. Do research to determine typical starting positions and salaries for someone with a four-year degree in computer forensics. Do further research to find three universities that offer four-year degrees specializing in computer forensics. Compare the three programs, and choose the best one. Why did you choose this university?


Possible job for computer forensics can be computer forensics analyst, investigator, technician, and examiner. The average salary for computer forensics is 95000 in USA.

The three universities that offer specializing in computer forensics are university of Maryland university college, University of Massachusetts Amherst, Oklahoma state university.

I liked the program offer by university of Maryland because their fee is affordable, easy to get in, they have partners with many other companies in USA, and also ranked one of the best college for cyber security in the USA.



Discussion Questions

Anonymous and Social Hacktivism

1.       If you had an opportunity to join Anonymous, would you? Why, or why not?

I wouldn’t join Anonymous even I got a chance to join. Because all they are doing is against the state law and I did not want to involve in any illegal activity that are against law.


2.       Would you say that Anonymous’ actions in support of WikiLeaks were legal? Were these actions ethical? What about their actions to set up satellite transmission stations across Syria?

No, Anonymous actions in support of WikiLeaks were not legal. It is good that anonymous member show support to WikiLeaks, a company that provide lots of knowledge, but still hacking financial institution is not legal and not right way to support WikiLeaks. Those action are not ethical. However, I would support their actions to set up satellite transmission stations across Syria. Because they set up those transmissions to serve as independent media centers in anticipation for the Syrian government efforts to cut off its citizen from the internet. I believe access to media and internet is right for people. So what Syrian government doing for its people is illegal and what Anonymous doing is legal in my opinion.


3.       How serious of a threat does Anonymous pose to organizational and government Web sites?

After Knowing attack committed by Anonymous on various company and government websites, it looks like they are high threat to organizational and government Web sites. Studying the history of their attack, I think the government website have more threat pose by Anonymous than private organization. It looks like the anonymous doesn’t attack for money or personal gains but for social cause. However, we cannot tell that they will not attack private organization.


Computer Forensics

1.       What role did computer forensics play in the high-profile cases of the New York subway bomber and the San Francisco Bay oil spill?

For the New York subway bomber, computer forensics investigator found bomb making instruction and searches for hydrochloric acid on suspect laptop. Also he was under investigation and FBI with help of cyber forensics foil the plan before suspect executed it. It means cyber forensics save lots of life of the people. For San Francisco oil spill, the ship management and captain tried to hide their mistake of oil spill but computer forensics investigator found that computer navigational charts had been modified and falsified record created on ship computer after the crash. The finding of such proof made the ship management company to pay compensation for violating the oil pollution rule.


2.       Why might computer forensics be more effective at preventing crimes than other forms of criminal investigation?

Since the use of computer among the people is growing rapidly, the computer forensics can be the most effective for preventing crimes. In this technology world, people use internet and computer for education, transportation, taking picture, sharing information, social media, and saving important personal information. Most criminal those who plan to bring huge damage use computer for getting knowledge for the plan, using email and social media to share information with their friend and saving important information. From navigating to register name of the customer, computer is use in every sector of the modern world. Since almost all criminal use computer, therefore computer forensics can be really useful to foil the criminal plan or to finding out the real case after the incident occur.


3.       In addition to computer-related training, what other education and background would be ideal for someone who wants to make a career in computer forensics?

Other than computer related training, I think the first most important is your interest to do the job and second is experience. People with good knowledge about computer including programming and other software will have better skill and more chances of getting success in this field.