The Problem with Suppliers

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 Some of you use IPhone, MacBook from Apple, laptop and printer from Dell, and Lenovo. Some of you here are wearing

clothes from H&M, Gap, Zara and Walmart today. Have you ever thought of how these big companies manage to supply

their demands in the market, who are those people working behind the door and why some stuffs are so cheap?

                Everything here started from the technique called outsourcing used by company to compete in the market to supply cheaper, faster and better quality and quantity. So, here I will be discussing about indirect effect of outsourcing, how workers working for popular company like Apple, Gap, Zara, Dell exploited and some possible solution to improve those unethical issues.

In China, Human cost are built into an iPad                                       Revealed: Qatar World Cup ‘Slaves                       Apple ‘failing to protect Chinese factory workers’                            

                                     By: The New York Times                                                                By: theguardian                                                                       By: BBC




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