Pema Lama

What would You Do?

1. You are interviewing for the role of human resources manager for a large software developer. Over the last year, the firm has lost a number of high-level executives who left the firm to go to work for competitors. During the course of your interview, you are asked what measures you would put in place to reduce the potential loss of trade secrets from executives leaving the firm. How would you respond?

I would response by doing following measure:

1.       Firstly, I would educate employees about the important of maintaining the secrecy of corporate information.

2.       I would label trade secret information as confidential and will only to access by limited number of people.

3.       I would make strict policies regarding nondisclosure of corporate information and try to prohibit employees from revealing secrets by adding nondisclosure clauses to employment contracts.

4.       I would put an experienced member of the Human resources department to conduct an exit interview with each departing employee and ask departing employee to sign an acknowledgement of responsibility not to divulge any trade secrets.


2.  You have procrastinated too long and now your final paper for your junior English course is due in just five days right in the middle of final exam week. The paper counts for half your grade for the term and would probably take you at least 20 hours to research and write. Your roommate, an English major with a 3.8 GPA, has suggested two options: He will write an original paper for you for $100, or he will show you two or three “paper mill” Web sites, from which you can download a paper for less than $35. You want to do the right thing, but writing the paper will take away from the time you have available to study for your final exam in three other courses. What would you do?

I will not pay $100 for my friends to write paper either I will not download from website even I don’t have time study for other final exam. I will manage by staying all night or sleep late than usual to finish my paper and study both. I really don’t want to involve in plagiarism that will make my student reputation bad.



Discussion Questions

1. Rockstar Consortium – Beware the Paten Troll

1. Clearly state three business reasons to justify why these major IT firms formed Rockstar Consortium.

Three reason to justify to formed Rockstar consortium by IT firms are:

1.       To sell product patents to other company through systematic way.

2.       To seek licensing fee for the patents and sue other company who violate patent law to gain financial.

3.       To manage more than 4000 patents in systematic way to gain profit.


2. Although Rockstar is set up as an organization independent of its founders, what are the possible reactions if the firm aggressively pursues an important customer or supplier of one its founding companies? How might the customer or supplier react? How might the founder react?

If customer or supplier of founding companies violate patent law then even Rockstar aggressively pursue them, they have no choice but face the law or any other action taken by Rockstar. If they have not violate the patent law then they can response back aggressively to Rockstar.

3. Do research to determine the current status of the Rockstar Consortium. Has it been successful? Has it stirred up any further controversy?

Yes, it has been successful till now. Business Insider listed Rockstar as number 3 on its list of the 8 most fearsome patent trolls in industry. Rockstar had initiated legal action against eight companies, including Google, Huawei and Samsung, as well as other makers of Android phones. In December 2013, Google initiated legal action against Rockstar, with a countersuit filed in San Jose, California. However, in November 2014 it was reported that Rockstar and Google had come to a settlement.


2. Google Book Search Library Project

1. Do you think that Google should have taken a different approach that would have allowed it to avoid litigation and a lengthy delay in implementing its Book Search Library Project? Please explain your answer.

No, the google cannot take different approach to avoid litigation and lengthy process because this google program involve millions of books around the world, and implementing it without proper consulting with author and publisher can violate copyright law and can cost google more than billions dollar loss.  So the best process is to make proper plan and discussion with author about how it going to published in website.

2. As a potential user, are you in favor of or do you oppose the Book Search Library Project? Please explain your answer.

As a user I would definitely in favor of the book search library project. This is because as a student who always have to spend lots of money for books, this program will let us use book without paying single money or paying less money than buying hardcopy books, and also make us a lot easier to access book online anytime we want.

3. Do you think that the proposed settlement gives Google an unfair advantage to profit from creating an online service that allows people to access and search millions of books?

No, I think proposed settlement will give google fair advantage to make profit from creating online service. It said that proposed settlement would give google the right to display up to 20 percent of a book online and to profit from it by selling access to all or part of it. It would also sell subscription to its entire collection to universities and other institutions. Also, the main revenue of google is from advertisement, so even they display only 20 percent they will able to generate enough profit from advertisement.