Pavel Mikhasenok

ITS 380

CH1 Projects: Question 2


Business-to-consumer (B2C) E-commerce

Netflix is a great example of a business-to-consumer E-commerce. Netflix is internet based tv network that allows customers to have access to latest tv shows, movies, series and many other products for a monthly subscription. There are three different levels of subscriptions that come with upgraded features as the prices increase. Netflix has few competitors like HBO and Hulu but remains as the leader in the industry. This a great example of B2C because the end user of the service is an individual and not other business.


Business-to-business E-Commerce

One of the good examples of B2B E-commerce is a marketing company called Markitors. Markitors specialize in digital marketing for small businesses. They research the industry of the business you are opening and find the best strategy for advertising. Markitors mainly use social media like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook for promoting and advertising; they also offer to manage the social media presence of the business. I chose this company, because in the modern world the digital marketing is everything for the business and this company perfectly fits into a Business-to-business category as any starting business could hire them.


Consumer-to-consumer E-commerce

Kijiji is Canada’s largest C2C E-commerce company that offers millions of ads such as cars, housing, jobs and many more. People can sell their belongings and conduct sales face to face. Kijiji is very trustworthy website that millions of people use daily. It is a great example of consumer-to-consumer e-commers and I also used to sell different stuff on the website.


Mobile E-Commerce

Any e-commerce that has a phone app can be considered as Mobile E-commerce. One of the examples would be the website that offers a mobile app for faster and more convenient use. A user may use an app to search and book hotels in preferred area by use of the mobile device and without having to use a computer or a third-party retailer.


Social E-Commerce

Most of the social E-Commerce happens by advertising products through different social media platforms. One of the largest social media platforms for E-commerce is Instagram. As Instagram users increase daily, more and more businesses are starting to advertise their products through Instagram. Business can also pay celebrities or famous bloggers to advertise its products by paying them or sponsoring.


Local E-Commerce

Uber is an example of a Local E-commerce. Uber offers a taxi service to nearby customers. Uber was able to differentiate themselves from original cab services by letting people become the drives whenever they wanted and wherever they wanted.