Pavel Mikhasenok

ITS 380

CH1 Projects: Question 4



Social E-commerce is a rapidly growing industry nowadays. Almost every company whether it’s retail or industrial, have promoted themselves through the social media. Instagram is one of the social networks that promotes E-commerce and helps such companies grow exponentially. Instagram has a feature on their platform called Business Account. Business account allows the owner of it to view the statistic of their Instagram page and see different interactions that other users have with the account.

One of the ways that companies promote themselves in Instagram is by sponsoring celebrities or bloggers that have millions of followers. These famous people will usually post on their Instagram page or story about the item that they had received or will talk about the company in general. This technique allows smaller businesses to grow faster and cover a very large number of potential customers. Sometimes these famous people charge a onetime fee for such advertising instead of getting sponsored.

Another way that companies use Instagram is they create an Instagram page with their service or products and try to gain followers every day. This technique is often used by companies or businesses that can’t afford sponsoring or paying to the bloggers or celebrities and have to do it the “hard way”. It might take a very long time to generate followers and gain interest, so there must be a very good strategy and content.

Instagram could be used as a very powerful marketing and adverting platform if used the right way. Sometimes business and companies fail to have the content or lack in showing people what they want. There are some businesses out there that specialize in social media marketing and will help companies promote and grow their accounts.