Pavel Mikhasenok

ITS 380

CH1 The Revolution Is Just The Beginning


Case Study Questions p. 50:

1.       Why does Pinterest view Google as its primary competitor?

Google is one of the largest search platforms the world. Google is used for any search one can think of. Although, Pinterest was able dedifferentiate themselves as “visual” search. One of the most appealing methods for consumer to buy the product is the visual representation of the product and Pinterest took advantage of that idea and expanded on a global scale. One of the reasons that Pinterest views Google as its primary competitor is advertising revenue. Pinterest believes they can challenge Google in mobile search arena, rather than the web-based approach, a visual search in particular (p.47).

2.       Why does Pinterest focus on the smartphone platform when it develops new features and products?

Today, almost every person has access to mobile devices. People constantly use their phones whether to communicate or use social media for different purposes. Mobile devices are always within a reach of its owner. Companies like Pinterest took advantage of this opportunity in order to attract most of their customers. Pinterest offers its services on multiple platforms and there are about 80% of Pinterest users that access the app from their phones (p.48). Pinterest constantly has to update and make changes to its website/app in order to provide customers with best and user friend service.

3.       Why is copyright infringement a potential issue for Pinterest?

Many E-commerce businesses face a copyright infringement issues. One of the most common issue is using pictures or photographs without permission to advertise themselves or “build a picture”. Pinterest, being the biggest platform for visualized search, may face the same issues in the future. It is also possible that people might use Pinterest’s pictures in order to advertise a brand or an item, without Pinterest even knowing about it.


Projects p. 52:

Question 2: Search the Web for an example of each of the major types of e-commerce described in Section 1.4 and listed in Table 1.3. Create a presentation or written report describing each company (take a screenshot of each, if possible, and explain why it fits into the category of e-commerce to which you have assigned it.

Question 4: Prepare a brief report or presentation on how companies are using Instagram or another company of your choosing as a social e-commerce platform.