Pavel Mikhasenok

ITS 380

CH10 Projects: Question 2


Currently Amazon offers 3 digital media services: Prime Video, Amazon Music, Kindle E-Readers.

Prime Video allows customers buy or rent movies, series or TV shows for competitive prices. Amazon make the content free is customer subscribes to Amazon Prime subscription. Amazon prime was primarily created for faster delivery, but when amazon launched their video content, they linked it to Amazon Prime in order to become competitive with other media streaming companies like Netflix and HBO. Amazon music and Kindle have the same concept the content is free with Amazon Prime. Since millions of people use Amazon to buy products, it is very appealing to them to access all this content with just subscribing once, as opposed to getting Netflix subscription, Apple music etc.

Also, the producers of the content benefit from it as well. Amazon pays millions of dollars to producers of music, movies, book authors in order to distribute their content.