Pavel Mikhasenok

ITS 380

CH2 Projects: Question 2


If I had to shop for a tv at the stores, the first place I would probably go to is Best Buy. Best Buy has many TVs of different quality and sized. First off, I would establish my budget and how much I can afford. I would usually start looking at bigger sized TVs and look what quality they have. The advantage of shopping in the store is I would be able to check the picture quality on the spot which would impact my decision. The disadvantage would be a limited option to choose from. Therefore, I would have to go to a different store like Walmart to check what options they have there. Also, if I end up purchasing a big tv, it would not fit in my car and I would have to pay for delivery to my house.

Choosing tv online would allow me to faster sort through the options. I usually would put maximum price that Iím willing to pay and go from highest to lowest. I would be able to faster compare different TVs. Also, I can look for the same tv from different e-tailers and compare prices online to find the cheapest option. Usually, websites charge for delivery, but I would spend same money on gas if I had to go to stores. The only disadvantage is not being able to check the picture quality, but I would be able to send it back if I donít like it.

Buying TV online would definitely be the best option, since there are more options and better prices that retail stores have. It would save me more time to buy a tv online and I can always return the tv if I donít like it.