Pavel Mikhasenok

ITS 380

Project: Question 2


The company that I believe is very effective in presenting their website is Apple. Apple’s website has great functionality – it is very easy to use, the pages load very fast, and they list the links to all of the products on their home page. Some of the pages with presentations that have a lot of graphics load a little bit slower. Also, the website can recognize your IP address and would suggest the use of language that is associated with the country of that IP. The website is very informational, a user can see all of the recent news and changes right on the home page by just scrolling down and all of the products’ information is only one click away. Like I said before the navigation is very simple which is the ease of use factor. The website has redundant navigation – the user can access the same product by clicking on “learn more” or “buy” right on the front page, or by navigating to the product tabs and accessing them from there. Apple made purchasing very easy – the customer builds the desired item to their needs and can check out within few minutes after that. I was able to load the website on multiple browsers like Safari, Chrome and Opera. What makes apples website very attractive is the simple graphics – they focus more on showing their products on white or black background. Also, the text is very easy to read on the website too – its either black on white, or white on black.