Pavel Mikhasenok

ITS 380

Question 1


There are many ways to attack a website. The biggest sign that the website has been attacked is when a website is loading slowly or not loading at all. The slow loading would mean that the website is flooded with traffic and therefore is under DoS attack (denial of service). Dos attacks cause a website to shut down, making it for customers or employees to access it. For e-commerce website those attacks can be very costly because customers canít make purchases. The DDoS attacks are more powerful since it uses hundreds or sometimes thousands of computers that can shut down the entire network.


SQL injection attack is also popular among the hackers. This attack takes advantages of vulnerabilities in coded web application software that fails to validate, or filter data entered by a user. An attacker can use it to access the database, plant a malicious code or access other systems on the network.


Another type of attack is an SSL strip. This type of attack involves mirroring the website in order to collect user data information like username and password, credit card numbers, or user home addresses. The SSL strip turns a protected HTTPS site to an unprotected HTTP website and users who are unfamiliar become victims. If an attack like this is performed, the company can lose a lot of money and reputation.