Pavel Mikhasenok

ITS 380

Question 2


The mobile hacking became more frequent as the number of smartphone users increased. Mobile users use their phones to store personal and financial information that can all be accessed if one is not careful. One of the most popular crimes is smishing attacks (SMS phining). This attack is the m-commerce version of phishing. Smishing is an attack that involves text messages that lures someone to website or a survey in order to collect personal information – essentially user downloads a Trojan horse, virus or malware onto the device. Some text messages will say that a person won a prize or a lottery and provide them with the link to “collect” the prize, while the attacker gains access to user’s mobile phone. Another text messages may say that the user needs to update their account information by clicking on the link in the message of their bank account or social media website, while in fact it is a mirrored server where an attacker receives all the information