Paul Shaw

Chapter 11


1.    Search your libaray’s database or the web for an article about people who violate their organizations policy and are terminated. Did you find many? Why or why not?

I found mostly stories about how employers should be sure to understand their policies before terminating employees or what the consequences of violating policy could be, no specific examples of people violating a policy and being terminated.

2.    Go to the ISC website at Research the knowledge areas included in the tests for the CISSP and SSCP certifications. What areas must you study that aren’t included in this text?

Security architecture for the CISSP, and getting an endorsement seem to be not mentioned in the text on the website.

Case Exercises

         Discussion Questions

1.    What questions should Iris ask Charlie about the new job, Kelvin’s team, and the future of the company?

What new policies she would be under would be a good start, as well as any things she would need to do outside company hours to set herself up for the position credentials wise, whether or not she would be moving around in the company building or elsewhere in the city, and what her new position would entail

2.    What questions should Iris ask Kelvin about the job?

Iris should ask Kelvin what she would be doing under his team, what new policies she should be aware of, and what things she was doing previously she should continue doing for Kelvin.

Ethical decision making

         Should Iris tell Charlie about her relationship with Kelvin is she does not apply for the transfer?

                 I don’t think it would matter if she doesn’t plan on joining his team, as the company wouldn’t mind it either.

         If she does apply for the job, but has no current plans for marriage, should she inform Charlie of her relationship?

                 I think it would be best to let Charlie know beforehand but it probably wouldn’t matter unless they do start planning on getting married.