Paul Shaw

Exercise Questions

3. Ross Eaton is the system administrator for UWS, while Thomas Janicki is the interim CIO, but we donít seem to have a Chief Information Security Officer. Ross Eaton would be the data owner, and Thomas Janicki would be the data custodian in this case.

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5. Kevin Mitnick was caught by the FBI in 1995 after hacking into and copying software from a large electronic company, tapping phone lines, accessing emails illegally from others and wire tapping. He was arrested for software theft and was put on probation, which he broke and fled after it was discovered, causing the FBI to pursue him. He continued to hack and use copied phone numbers to evade the FBI for a couple years before he was caught.

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Case Exercises

            Discussion Questions

1.     I think the first instance of trouble was caused by an outsider, but the rest of the trouble was caused from the inside as the problem sent emails to everyone else in the company from the first userís email.

2.     SLS could teach their employees about the dangers of suspicious links, and to always check what kind of file or link they could be opening, plus checking in with the person to make sure things are as they should be. Human error is also a factor for hackers and virus attacks.

3.     I think the attack was from a worm, as it slowed down all functions of the computer while simultaneously sending itself to everyone else on the deviceís email list.

            Ethical Decision Making

1.It would not be ethical to open a file that said it included the social security numbers of anyone, and would probably have been grounds to fire her if she had indeed opened it, instead of an exasperated sigh from humanís dealing with curiosity.

2.The best action to take would be to tell a manager that Davey may have been compromised by a malicious program, or was creating said program, and then go to Davey and ask what was up with his most recent e-mail, without touching it of course.