Lab 1: Determining the Best Social Media Outlets for the New Harvest Food Bank Website

The top three social media options for a food bank would be Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The food bank should use these three recommendations for several reasons. First, these platforms provide a platform to appeal to people to donate to their organization. Additionally, posting images of volunteers or the amount of food donated adds a visual appeal to engage the food bank’s target audience. The image can reach more people to comprehend what the image shows rather than text, which not everyone may be able to read or understand the language. Also, the food bank can use hashtags and share other stories of affiliated food banks, which discuss world hunger, malnourishment, or food insecurity.

Social Media




·         Share short messages or lengthy posts

·         Invite audience to events

·         Offer polls to gain better audience insight

·         Page content must be continuously updated and maintained

·         Pay to effectively promote content


·         More visual medium, simpler user interface

·         Able to create a business profile for people to easily contact the food bank

·         Fewer features in desktop version

·         Images not optimized for other viewports besides mobile

·         Cannot highlight text or written content


·         Narrowly segment audience using keywords

·         Able to promote the twitter account, tweet, or trend

·         Easily share short company updates

·         Does not have as many reporting analytics

·         Constant stream of information may cause audience to miss a tweet