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Ponrolet Drama Club Presents.... Brigadoon!

Two travelers, Tommy Albright and Jeff Douglas, stumble across a mysterious Scottish village that appears every 100 years. For the residents of Brigadoon, every 100 years passes as if it were a day. Tommy and Jeff spend the day in Brigadoon, and for them and the villagers, nothing is the same again.

Performances will be Friday June 13th and Saturday June 14th at 7:00 PM, and Sunday June 15th at 2:00 PM.

Come see the stars of the Ponrolet Drama Club, including:

Tommy Albright Sanjay Rahul
Jeff Douglas Marc Engleman
Fiona MacLaren Jody Lanson
Donald Ritchie John Reagle
Harry Ritchie Lance Waterstone
Fishmonger Daphne Nikolas
Angus MacMonies Peter Jackson
Sandy Pat Erickson
Andrew MacLaren Jim Shade
Jean MacLaren Karine DiPietro
Meg Brockie Noelle Gardner
Charlie Cameron Skip O'Dell
Maggie Abernethy Dora Martinez
Mr. Murdoch Ivan Petrov
Stuart Cameron Maclin Donner
MacGregor Brad Hyde
Frank J.R. Costello
Jane Ashton Michaela Lessig

Featured Cast Member: