3.) Using the web, identify some certifications with an information security component that were not discussed in this chapter.

I found a lot of Microsoft security certifications and they are Microsoft Certified Professional, Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, Microsoft Certified Professional Internet, Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator, and Microsoft Certified Professional Solutions Developer.

4.) Search the web for at least five job postings for a security analyst. What qualifications do the listing have in common?

I’ve found a lot of job postings on linkin.com and there were a few qualifications that those listings have in common. They all required a bachelor’s degree in Computer science, at least 2-5 years of work experience, and experience with CISCO and Microsoft products.

Discussion Questions:

1.) What questions should Iris ask Charlie about the new job, Kelvin’s team, and the future of the company?

I would ask Charlie what her reasonability’s are, is there a change in salary weather it she’s getting paid more or less, what makes her qualified for this position, and what certifications will she need.   

2.) What questions should Iris ask Kevin about the new job?

She should ask him what she needs to do for her job, ask for resources or tips on that will help her to do her job, and what certifications will she need.   

Ethical Decision Making:

Should Iris inform Charlie about her relationship with Kelvin if does not plan apply for the transfer?

If she’s not planning to transfer, she should still tell Charlie about their relationship because it’s not violating company policy and its not going to harm anyone at the company.

If she does apply for the job, but has no current plans for marriage, should she inform Charlie of her relationship?

She should still tell Charlie because even though right now she has no current plans for marriage doesn’t mean that mindset wont change in the future and revealing that relationship later on could cost one of them there jobs.