5.) Define the requirement wattage for a UPS to be used with the following systems:

          a. Monitor: 2 amps; CPU: 3 amps; printer: 3 amps

          (2*120) + (3*120) + (3*120) = 960 watts

          b. Monitor: 3 amps; CPU: 4 amps; printer: 3 amps

          (3*120) + (4*120) + (3*120) = 1,200 watts

          c. Monitor: 3 amps; CPU: 4 amps; printer: 4 amps

          (3*120) + (4*120) + (4*120) = 1,320 watts

6.) Search the Web for a UPS that provides the wattage necessary to run the systems described in exercise 5 for at least 15 minutes during a power outage.  

          a. 240 VA Hours

          b. 300 VA Hours

          c. 330 VA Hours

Discussion Questions:

1.) Based on this case study, what security awareness measures, training documents, and done in her situation.

In this scenario there have been many measures taken by the company throughout the case study. The countless meetings the employees have attended, and the power point presentation given to the entire staff last week.

2.) Do you think that Amy should have done anything differently? What would you have done differently in her situation?

I don’t think Amy shouldn’t have done anything different. In these situations, you report what you saw and tell the security staff to watch out for this person. If Amy didn’t do this then they wouldn’t have caught the theft.  

Ethical Decision Making:

Suppose that the blond man in the scenario was someone Amy knew socially. Suppose she also knew he had no relationship to the company and no business being in the building. If Amy chose not to make a report about the event, would she be violating her ethical position.

She would be because she would have let someone go who is stealing from the company and could put her co workers in possible danger. Just because he was her friend doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be punished.