2.)  Search the web for security education and training programs in your area. Keep a list and see which category has the most examples. See if you can determine the costs associated with each example. Which do you think would be more cost-effective in terms of both time and money?

The only web security education and training programs given by university like UWS, UMD, and WITC in the twin ports. The cost associated with these programs are similar with how much they pay for tuition for each college. The one that would be the most cost effective would be the program at WITC because it is a two year program and the tuition cost is cheaper than the other two universities.  

3.)  Search the web for examples of issue-specific security policies. What types of policies can you find? Using the format provided in this chapter, draft a simple issue-specific policy that outlines fair and responsible use of computers at your college, based on the rules and regulations of your institution. Does your school have a similar policy? Does it contain all the elements listed in the text?

When I was searching on the web, I found all sorts of constancy plans such as disaster recovery, crisis management, business continuity and adverse events. My constancy plan for campus computers protects the campus from a successful virus attack. My plan involves having a daily backup for all computer on campus and weekly maintenance on the backup devices on campus. Then If a virus is found on a computer than take out a computers hard drive then wipe it and then back it up. The school does have a similar policy and it does contain all the elements listed in the text. 

Discussion Questions

1.)  What would be the first note you wrote down if you were Charlie?

The first thing that Charlie should put down on his note pad to improve the company constancy plan is to have more than one backup hard drive/system and to have monthly checks of these back up systems to see if they are working. 

2.)  What else should be on Charlie’s List?

Have routine backups daily for all the employee’s computers, just in case on computer is attacked by a virus or ransom ware than the company has back up those files.

3.)  Suppose Charlie’s encountered resistance to his plans to improve continuity planning. What appeals could he use to sway opinions toward improved business continuity planning?

One way to sway people’s options towards improvement of the constancy plan, is by telling them what flaws they have in there plan right now and give them a scenario that could happen, such as fire that could make the company go under. 

Ethical Decision Making

In some cases, especially when organizations expand into foreign countries, they experience a form of culture shock when the laws of their new host country conflict with their internal policies. Suppose that SLS make its policies conform to French law, does SLS have an ethical imperative to modify its policies to better meet the needs of its stakeholders in the new country?

That depends on what the policies defend. If the policies are put in place to protect the private information of the company’s workers and customers than they shouldn’t change their policies. If the polices don’t peoples information, then they should change their polices in France.

Suppose SLS had altered its policies for all operations in France and that these changes are much more favorable to employees-such as a requirement to provide child and elder-care services at no cost to the employee. Is SLS under any ethical burden to offer the benefit to employees in its original country?

I think SLS is under ethical burden because this service only benefits the new office in France and it should be offered to all their employee’s.