p. 181

1.       Akamaiís servers must be geographically dispersed to speed up delivery (reduce latency) of rich content to users.

2.       I would sign up for Akamaiís service: They are a good solution - reliable, and secure, for providing a service that decreases latency; this allows you to have more customers (increases customer base).

3.       I believe a tiered system is the only thing that will work, and far into the future. Much of the internet infrastructure is publicly subsidized, and this is the only way for the poorer people at the bottom of the food chain economically to be able to afford fast and reliable internet access. In economic terms this is a progressive fee-for-service price model, and changing away from this would ignite a firestorm of negative public reaction.

p. 183

2.       Latency is delays in internet messages caused by the uneven flows of information packets through the network; confirmation messaging of packets contributes to this also, by increasing the actual size of the information by up to 50 times.

6.       Cloud computing is a model in which processing storage, software, and other services are provided as a shared pool of resources over the internet; it has impacted the internet by increasing traffic significantly, and will continue to do so, as computers for users are not required to be as powerful as they had been and computers for providers of such cloud services must become more powerful this requires that more information be transmitted between the two over the network.