p. 245

1.       They had a bad deal with eBay that was based on a service fee that was a percentage-of-sale; it was too costly when the company needed to be more cost-conscious.

2.       Dick’s omnichannel strategy is to use brick and mortar retail locations as distribution centers for customer deliveries.

3.       Develop e-commerce platform(s) and integrate this into its existing system, integrate its lesser brands onto the platform, and re-launch the Dick’s website from their own IT resources.

p. 248

2.       .                                                               Bass Pro Shops                  Cabellas               Dick’s

Functionality                                      Excellent                              Good                     Excellent

Informational                                    Excellent                              Good                     Excellent

Ease use                                              Excellent                              Fair                         Excellent

Redundant navigation                    Excellent                              Fair                         Excellent

Ease of purchase                              Excellent                              Excellent              Excellent

Browser functionality                     Excellent                              Excellent              Excellent

Simple graphics                                 Excellent                              Excellent              Excellent

Legible text                                        Excellent                              Good                     Excellent




Both Bass Pro and Dick’s do an excellent job across all aspects, but Bass Pro sticks out as a clear winner because of their superior search capability and results! See above: I was looking for Seagaur and found it right away on Bass Pro; not so on Cabelas or Dick’s. Cabelas search engine is particularly flawed and weak. Dick’s is good.


5.       Wordpress:       

Functionality                                      Excellent

Support                                                Excellent

Modelling tools                                 Fair

Visual tools                                         Excellent

Performance/scalability                Excellent

Connectivity                                       Excellent

Compliance                                        Good

Globality                                              Good

Tax/shipping rules                           Fair

I would choose Wordpress over Joomla or Drupal. One reason is because we are using Wordpress in our class and I value Dr. Tucker’s opinion. I think Worpress and Drupal are fairly comparable with Joomla a distant third: Wordpress has a huge internet presence and this must account for some of their competency, while Joomla seems kind of unsophisticated.