Planning a Website

Apply I-1


What are the purpose and goal of your website?What type of website will you develop?

††††††††† I would like to create a business website.The purpose will be to let people know about products my husband has developed and the goal would be to have visitors learn more about the products and want to purchase them.

††††††††††† The products are handmade wood-carved marshmallow roasting sticks and hiking sticks.


Who is your target audience?For what purpose is the audience using your website?

††††††††† My target audience is people who would use the product.I would focus on people who like to camp, hike, or do outdoor activities.The purpose of the site would be to learn about some handmade tools that people can purchase and how you would use them in your outdoor activities.


Will you use responsive design to target various screen sizes?

††††††††††† Yes, I would want my website to be viewed on all types of devices.I would want the images and content to be easily visible from all screen sizes.


What will you use to capture the attention of your target audience?

††††††††††† I would use an image of a campfire with a marshmallow being cooked using one of the wood-carved roasting sticks.Or an image of a hiker climbing a trail using one of the hiking sticks.


What color(s) will you use to enhance your site?

††††††††† I would mostly use nature colors (green and brown).



What types of images will you use within your site?

††††††††† I would use nature images to inspire ways that our products could be used.Families enjoying cooking marshmallows and making símores around a campfire.People of all ages hiking through woods and trails.I would include views you might see while camping or hiking.I would also include images of the products so customers would clearly see what they are purchasing.


How will your site accommodate people with disabilities?

††††††††† I will make sure my site has text that is easily readable both in size and color.The design will not be too busy or cluttered allowing for easier understanding of material.I will have audio explanations of the products and images for those that cannot see they images.


Will you incorporate social networking within your planning model?

††††††††††† I would include links to like on Facebook and a section for users to leave reviews and feedback on our products.I would include a section where people could post pictures of their camping/hiking adventures to our site.