Exploring Programming Languages

Extend I-1


There are many programming languages that can be used in the development of a website.  Here are three that I learned more about: SQL, Python, and Ruby.

Structured Query Language (SQL) is used in building and connecting with information in databases.  Many websites today use databases.   Websites can use databases to create dynamic content.  The SQL language allows queries to be made on tables in a database that can store and retrieve content for use on a website.

Python is a dynamic programming language that is used in creating applications for websites and is helpful in network connections.  Python has an extensive library of functions many of which help to support other languages such as FTP, IMAP and other internet protocols.  There are many python-driven web development tools such as Django that help build applications for the web.  Python is used in computing in mathematics and the sciences because it is quick and accurate.  It is an easy to learn and powerful language.

Ruby is an open-source programming language that is object-oriented and with libraries of useful functions.  Ruby is often run on the framework Rails.  Ruby on Rails can be used for communicating with databases, creating templates for layouts, and can help create a dynamic website.  It is especially useful for creative designs and software for small businesses.