Shin-Ping Liu

UW-Superior, WI

Introduction Biography

Currently I’m a coordinator and professor of Information Technology and Systems (ITS) in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at UW-Superior. I have my bachelor's degree in Business Administration (BA) and Master's degree in Computer Science (CS). I accomplished my Ph.D. degree in Interdisciplinary Information Science at the University of North Texas (UNT). My dissertation topic was "An E-government Readiness Model."

I have been teaching various graduate and undergraduate courses for years as follows: Web design and development, database management systems, information security, data communications, operation systems, business computer applications, computer literacy, Visual Basic for applications, Java, C\C++, JavaScript, business Statistics, etc. Before I started my teaching career, I worked in industrial fields in the Dallas, Texas area for over four years. I wrote various business white papers and filed two patents- "Optimal Content Distribution System" and "Method, System, and Apparatus for the Optimization of Entropy using Re-iterative, N-bit Lossless Compression." I have been publishing several papers in peer-reviewed journals, book chapters and conference proceedings including standard user interface in e-commerce sites, assessing the quality of the online experience, an e-commerce success model, cybercrimes, cyberwarfare, and cyberterrorism, course management systems (CMS), Automated Product Matching (APM), etc. My research interests include e-commerce design and analysis, global information technology, web-based technology, internet security, mobile computing, course management systems, etc.

Teaching is a very rewarding experience for me because I firmly hold the belief that education can have a positive influence on people and enrich their lives. Being a teacher-scholar, I remain passionately committed to my scholarship. I always consider scholarly productivity as beneficial to my students as it is to me and the academy. I'd like to have more publications in various fields in near future. I’d like to have my own research center in 10 years later.

Shin-Ping Liu Tucker, Ph.D.
Coordinator and Professor of Information Tech & Systems
Department of Math and Computer Science
UW-Superior, Swenson 3025
801 N 28th Street, Superior, WI 54880


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