Superior's Yappy Place
Dog park location
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Superior Dog Park Committee:

We are a group of volunteers from the Superior area with a shared passion and commitment to building a dog park for the community. The committee has been meeting since late September of 2015 to discuss locations, design, cost, etc. Following a recent presentation to the Superior Parks & Recreation commission they approved the committee to discuss the proposed dog park location, their findings with the community, and gather input and support.

Other notes:

In creating this off-leash dog park this will not change the rules or use for dog owners at other parks. People love bringing their dogs to other parks and the creation of this dog park or this committee will not impede that or want to require those owners to set areas. This is an option for dog owners to have an area to use, as well as a safe are for their pets have fun. The committee feels that there are many great locations in Superior for dog parks or fenced in locations at other parks as options of use for dog owners. The committee feels that this dog park could be the catalyst to showing the Superior community that dog parks are great for the community, and could lead to more in the future. Many of these decisions are not set in stone but what the committee felt would work. The committee is reaching out to the public for input as this is meant to be used by the community. Please help us by sharing your input, suggestions, concerns, and your support.

Operation and Maintenance:

The committee would like to see the park cleared of underbrush, with the trees left in place. The entrance would have a double gate entrance. The fencing they wish to use is a 6’ tall 8’ wide panel chain link fence that can be installed by volunteers. The panel fencing can be changed easily to allow for changes in the future, such as adding a small-dog area, moving to avoid an area getting mucky from over use or wetness, and replacing if a panel gets damaged.

Many dog parks have a form of money collection to allow for funding continuation of the dog park. A few options that have been discussed are fees, similar to the use of the ski trails next door, allowing use of the park with the proper licensing of a pet, or a donation box. The committee wants to insure that funding is provided, but out of town visitors have a chance to use our park as well.