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1.        The advent of email has allowed us to send a singular message to a multitude of people at one time, all while enclosing digital objects for everyone to view.

2.       The benefits of free email accounts are that it allows people to stay in touch in not only a professional manner but also a social manner.

3.       Some disadvantages of using email is that it isnt designed to handle a lot of file sharing so it doesnt necessarily serve as a good platform to share all of your ideas and presentations.

4.       SMS used with phones is a means of communicating over short messages, approximately 160 characters, it is a very convenient means of communication and is typically used in a casual setting. SMS messaging is used as frequently, if not more, as calling.

5.       Cloud computing affords users to access materials no matter their geographic location as long as they have an internet service. This frees up space on a local device for other uses.

6.       When trying to use file sharing in emails it can cause the emails to become disorganized and have excessive load times. Emails can also hold malicious viruses that can be embedded in the files that are being downloaded. A better method would be to use a cloud communication service such as google docs.

7.       Social networking and tweeting are similar in that they can both be used to keep in touch with what your friends and neighbors are doing. Social networking can be used on a more professional level for creating links and networks for businesses to reach clients, where tweeting is purely social.

8.       This allows a given audience the opportunity to see the speaker, interact directly with the speaker, pickup on nonverbal cues, and perhaps gather a better understanding on a given topic.


20 abbreviations used on twitter

1.       AFAIK
As Far as I Know

2.       b/c

3.       BFN
Bye For now

4.       BR
Best Regards

5.       BTW
By the Way

6.       DM
Direct Message. d username sends one.

7.       EM

8.       FB

9.       FF
Usually #FF for Follow Friday#FollowFriday is supposed to work better than it does. If you #FF someone, take the characters to explain why.

10.   FFS
For Fks Sake

11.   FML
Fk My Life

12.   FTF
Face To Face. Also, F2F. Or the Fair Trade FederationMany other options.

13.   FTL
For The Loss

14.   FTW
For The Win

15.   FWD

16.   FWIW
For What Its Worth

17.   HT
Hat tip

18.   HTH
Hope That Helps

19.   IMHO
In My Humble Opinion

20.   IMO
In My Opinion