Shuying Wu

ITS 364



         Forming: Form the group, introduce everyone, and inform the team of their purpose.

         Storming: Address team issues, bring clarity to the subject, resolve conflict

         Norming: Group has agreed on all decisions and dealt with miniscule annoyances. Also team building exercises are implemented in this phase.

         Performing: Everyone knows their job, goals etc. Execution is the key. Project manager may field questions, but isnít involved in every aspect on a daily basis

2.  The need to create a team charter is to ensure that things move smoothly by creating a clear set of goals, values, and how they will be approached.

3. Those that are unwilling to cooperate, compromise, and are unwilling to listen to anotherís ideals will drag the team down.

4. This allows the entire group to get to know each other, outside of the workplace environment. You may get a sense of what another person is like outside of the office.

5. Allows the group to see the progress of the project as a whole and not just their individual piece. This time is used to voice problems or hurdles in the project.

6. Having open lines of communication with others, maintaining professionalism at all times and being able to professionally resolve conflict. Everyone should have a voice and consensus must be enforced else the project will fail.

7. Via email, a dedicated social media project site, google docs etc.

8.  The client gives the team a clearly defined outcome for the project and the project manager is there to organize the team and give them the means of reaching the end goal, he is also there to make compromises if needed with the client.

9.  The producer is responsible for the execution of the multimedia project, they make sure that all the links fit together correctly and cohesively. The interface designer ensures that the product is user-friendly and functional and determines what works best with each other.

10. The quality insurance analyst is important because they create a list of guidelines that the project must meet, and they ensure that those guidelines are met to proper standard, resulting in a better more professional presentation.



A past project involved a research project for Psychology while I was in Pretoria South Africa. 11 Marines were charged with researching a given topic and then placing these items into a PowerPoint before submitting them to be graded. Marines actively participated in the project while the others did nothing.