Shuying Wu

ITS 364

Life Impact Story


Integrity Is Priceless

††††††††††† What is integrity? Integrity is a good quality of being honest. It is a fine virtue for everyone. There is a saying, ďA man of integrity is loved by all. Without integrity, he will lose the best.Ē From this saying, it shows the importance of integrity for a person. Integrity is not only for big things, but also for small things. For example, we should finish our homework independently, we must return books when it is due, we should listen to the teacher carefully no matter what kind of lesson it is. Moreover, if we promise to do something or promise somebody, we should try our best to keep our words and try to do it well.

††††††††††† My aunt is owning a Chinese restaurant. Last summer, I went to visit her in Rhode Island last summer. While I was eating in her restaurant. A boy went to the restaurant by himself and he ordered something to eat. When he finished eating and about to pay the bill, he took out his wallet and he found he had not enough money to pay. He felt awkward, and the counter lady felt awkward too. She is not the manager of the hall, so she doesnít know what to do. †At that moment, a man who was in charge of the restaurant came out with a smile and he said to the boy that he could give the rest of the money next time when he come in, he trusts him. The boy was so shocked, as he trusted him so much as a stranger. When the boy went home, he remembered it all the time. Later, when I asked him, why he trusted him, and he said, I can see the integrity from him, and integrity is very important for us to live in a society. You should try to trust someone if you want someone to trust you. And the next morning, when he passed the restaurant, he gave the money without hesitation. From this, I know that Integrity is priceless, and it decides who we are. 

††††††††††† All in all, integrity is something very important for everyone in the present society. As people are getting clever and the temptation is more and more nowadays, some people will lie or cheat to get what they want. However, this is not good. If you cheat once, you will cheat twice and then three times. That is not the end. You will cheat easier day by day. Then you will become a person only telling lies. The people who trust you in the first place will no longer trust you. How terrible it is! Although sometimes to be honest may make you suffer little loss, mostly are some insignificant losses. As a result, you can earn othersí trust. Besides, if you always cheat to others, they will do the same to you. How does a world be like if we are all live without integrity? I think I donít need to emphasize the importance of the trust from one to another. Trust can make things totally different. Just to be an honest person and keep you integrity no matter what.