Shuying Wu

ITS 335


1.       Food banks can benefit from many different social media sites. The best social media sites to promote a food bank are: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube.

2.       The top three social media: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

3.       I would use Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for a food bank because they will be able to reach their customers best through these social media platforms, and people use those social media very often, so they can prompt efficiently.


4.       Pros:


(Facebook) Easy to access, pretty much everyone has an account, easy to post pictures, promotions, coupons, etc.

(Instagram) Make people aware of the food bank with pictures, videos, posts and make the pictures look pretty

(Twitter) Can post in-depth and details videos about the food bank to create a large following


(Facebook)Many people donít check Facebook every day and might miss important posts, lots of time and effort needed to have a popular account

(Instagram) Not everyone uses Instagram, easy to miss posts, can be a hassle to keep up to date

(YouTube) YouTube Cons: Time consuming, editing videos, finding viewers