Shuying Wu

ITS 230-01




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  6. F
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  1. G
  2. H
  3. I
  4. A
  5. B
  6. F
  7. C
  8. E
  9. J
  10. D


Problem Solving

  1. Restarting the original query, try for similar queries that do return results, spelling corrections.
  2. The items may have discount but it may have said to buy a certain item amount or there’s a time limit for these items to be purchased.
  3. It is possible their website format for it to be on mobile and you may also have your zoom view low.
  4. The company you are with possible allows this to see what you buy and better there adds to you.
  5. A misspelled word or forgotten part in the code that just messed up the imaging on the web


Internet Research


2. Social Media

Targeted Ads: The business usually place their ads based on the users’ online identities and profiles, they will post picture about their products, and advertise their reputation or so. The biggest step to keep users privacy is to avoid putting private information in the website. I think the users should expect companies to collect data about some of their online behaviors in return for using the websites at no charge, because it shows the benefits of the customer of free returning their staff.