Shuying Wu

ITS 230




1.             F

2.             T

3.             T

4.             F

5.             F

6.             F

7.             T

8.             F

9.             T

10.         F

11.         T

12.         T



1.             G

2.             C

3.             J

4.             A

5.             B

6.             I

7.             D

8.             H

9.             E

10.         F



Problem Solving:

5. Appropriate Certification:

I prefer Microsoft MCSA & MCSE certification. It is a Microsoft certification containing all about the system administration role like SQL server. As this is a Microsoft certification, it created an impact on the interviewer and company. There are two prerequisites. For example, first I do a MCSA then the MCSE. It is an administration of all about the IT administration and also widely popular among the similar companies as Window is more widely used.


7. Outsourcing IT Positions:

It might be the register is not fed in with the discount information. The cashier can enter the discount manually. We can outsource the IT positions of the organization. Some positions (tech support position, assistant developer) can outsource because they might have worked on those particular tasks.


8. Conducting an Interview:

First, I would check the basics of the candidates. Then, as a system administrator how can he/she manage and support all the system’s in the organization. Last, I would let him/her analyze capabilities so that he can have a real scenario.


9. Tough Decision:

I will take the candidate with 6 years of working experience. Nowadays even practice certificates do not prove that he can manage all the things well.


10. Training Decision:

I think people who are already going to attend the training are experienced, so they can manage 40 hours training course. Also, they can easily grasp the things. Thus, we can save money and time.


Internet Research:

3. Search Skills - Using the Web for Research:

 (1) Use your school library’s website to find articles in online newspapers about information literacy:


(2) Use a research database available from your school library’s website to find an article about the fastest-growing IT careers:


(3) Use a research database available from your school library’s website to find an article about a company or technology discussed in this module:


(4) Use Google Scholar or JSTOR to find a recent scholarly publication about rapid application development: