Shuying Wu

ITS 230

MD 2




1.      True

2.      False

3.      True

4.      False

5.      False

6.      True

7.      False

8.      False

9.      True

10.  True

11.  False

12.  False


Problem solving

1.      Cyberbullying Message

The things are to save the email as a record that you can use as prove later and then tell someone you trust about the incident. If your life is being threatened, you should contact the police about the situation along with the email. You can block the sender from your inbox or move the message into your junk folder

2.      Unexpected Search Engine

It could be spelling the web address wrong. Check if it has the correct web address and the spelling. If everything is correct but it is still redirecting you to a different search engine, the web address may be shut down and it is wise to stop and find another source.

3.      Images Do Not Appear

If your browser doesn't display images on a webpage, it is possibly because it has blocked images on that website. To show images, you can change the website settings to allow to show images.

4.      Social Media Password

My next step will be pressed the forgotten password option in the webpage. And then follow the steps to reset or recover your password. The steps include, emailing you to your predefined email address or answering a personal security question.


5.      Automatic Respond

Some email programs only send automatic responses one time per sender

Some email programs only send automatic responses to each sender once every several days



Internet Research

Social Media

Funding and Generating Income


Research this: Locate venture capitalists who are seeking Internet start-up companies. Which criteria do they use to make investment decisions? Who are the successful venture capitalists, and which companies have they funded? Which types of advertisements are displayed? How does the content of these ads pertain to the demographics and interests of users?

      Answer:  Jack Ma represents one of the most famous venture capitalists in China. In his early, he went to America and he got chance to get in touch with the internet. Later on, He created his own website, which called “HUANGYE” by the little experience he has. That’s the hint that he started the online marketing later. He owned the biggest online shopping market in China, which is called TaoBao. He used a lot of different types of advertisements, like going out to the public to show his reputation, doing TV advertisement and so on. I think  when the users saw the ads, it will raise the interests by seeing their products or companies are showing in the public more frequently.