Shuying Wu

ITS 230




1.         T

2.         F

3.         F

4.         T

5.         F

6.         T

7.         F

8.         F

9.         F

10.     T

11.     F

12.     T



1.        C

2.        G

3.        I

4.        B

5.        F

6.        H

7.        D

8.        A

9.        E

10.    J


Problem Solving

1)    No matching port: Check for the type of port details provided in the computer, the type of port details provided in the monitor. As you can see difference, check in the market or in the internet that whether any connector or adapter is available in order to connect monitor of one port with another type of port

2)    Incompatible Power Adapter: Maybe you have the wrong voltage for your laptop. Which means your power adapter voltage is too low or too high for your computer.

3)    Nonworking fan: Clean the CPU fan, Re-install the CPU fan driver package on motherboard. Sometimes. BIOS will inform that CPU is not working but to be true its working as the power is connected due to which overheating might take place causing the fan and CPU to turn off. So restart the compute and check the power connection for CPU fan

4)    Missing smartphone: Open the linked account in your computer on internet and check the location through GPS. If available, then complain and fetch it. Otherwise, if it is showing in some near place, there is an option for full volume ring, click on it. Then, your phone will be ringing on full volume until it is being switch off manually.

5)    Low batter life :
Steps to follow in order to conserve battery:-
1)delete the unwanted apps
2)keep in low battery mode
3)reduce the display brightness
4)charge in uniform manner i.e. till complete 100% don't remove the charger
5)don't re-charge until 1% of battery left and keep it till it is completely charged
6)Remove from charger after full charge


Internet Research 

   4. Security

There are lots of app that allow us to erase data from our phone. Once you download the app, they will ask your permission to do things to your phone, you can either allow or rejected. Inside those apps, you can take picture and share it to other. You can active and running. A data wipe device and tracking device within the smartphone device because the law says that the companies have to put those in there.