Shuying Wu

ITS 230



  1. T
  2. T
  3. T
  4. F
  5. F
  6. F
  7. T
  8. T
  9. F
  10. F
  11. F
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  1. G
  2. F
  3. D
  4. E
  5. J
  6. C
  7. I
  8. A
  9. B
  10. H


Problem Solving

  1. It is smart TV issue. Go to setting and active narrator, which will read off that you mouse over and click.
  2.  Touch gestures not working, a few possible issues are that the touch screen is not multi touch or that there is an internal problem with the device.
  3. Your screen has multiple sensors activated at that time, in which you'll have to clean your screen with a cloth in order to remove fingerprint or crud that it is sensing.
  4. Low battery may have caused the diming as that is supposed to signal that it low on battery if you haven’t check in a while.
  5. Fingerprint not recognized, presuming another finger was used for security to prevent such an event, I would just use another finger.  Otherwise I would need another employee to give me access to the computers or if possible, log in the older way with a password. 


Internet Research

4. National data breach reporting, Penalties for computer criminals, Voluntary government assistance, Voluntary information-sharing, Critical infrastructure plans. “Warmly welcomed”. Going through the house to the senate floor for review.