Shuying Wu

ITS 230



1. F (Rewrite: Storage devices can be categorized as storage devices, not as input or output devices.)

2. F (Rewrite: A storage medium is nonvolatile; that is, items stored on it remain intact even when you turn off a computer or mobile device.)

3. T

4. F (Rewrite: On storage media, a higher density means more storage capacity.)

5. F (Rewrite: Although current internal hard disks are built with standards to withstand shocks and are sealed tightly to keep out contaminants, head crashes occasionally still do occur.)

6.  F (Rewrite: The access time of a hard disk can be more than 100 times slower than an SSD.)

7. T

8. T

9. T

10. F (Rewrite: When you are finished using a USB flash drive, you should not simply remove it from the USB port when it is in use. Instead, you should use the operating system option to remove or eject the flash drive safely.)

11. F (Rewrite: Mini discs do not require a separate mini disc drive; that is, they will work in standard-sized optical disc drives.)

12. T


1. C

2. D

3. A

4. B

5.  J

6.  H

7.   I

8.  E

9.   F

10. G

Problem Solving:

1. Unrecognized Storage Device:

Answer: When an external storage is connected to MacBook Pro, the system sometimes may not recognize the contents of the USB and it may ask to format the device. The reason is that the external storage is converted into the format that the system couldn’t identify.

2. Second Hard Drive Connection:

Answer: If I look at the mother board, I can probably identify the type of the cable needed to connect the second hard drive to the system. The types of cables are PATA (thick or flat cables having width as like our finger) and SATA (thin cables having less wide)

6. Inaccessible Files:

Answer: The reason might be the upload to the server which is not completely done

7. Encrypted Storage Device:

Answer: I can set passwords to the files to make sure that the data is protected. Or if possible, I could run an encryption software to make sure they are encrypted.

8. Alternative to Tape Storage:

Answer: I could go with pen drives or maybe online cloud storage facilities like drop box or GitHub. I can also try Google drive so long the data does not contain any code.


Internet Research

4. Permanent magnet degausses, electromagnetic degausses, portable degausses, high volume degausses, tape degausses. Eliminates an unwanted magnetic field (or data) stored on tape and disk media. A mathematical value ascribed to the magnetic field strength or intensity of an object. 78 minutes. Data Killers. NSA approved degaussing equipment and NSA approved process and CAGE code upon request.