Shuying Wu

ITS 230




1.       F (Rewrite: An operating system often resides inside a computer or mobile device, but it can run from a USB flash drive or other external drives.)

2.       F (Rewrite: The kernel is memory resident, which means it remains in memory while the computer or mobile device is running.)

3.       T

4.       F (Rewrite: Most users today work with a graphical user interface.)

5.       T

6.       T

7.       T

8.       F (Rewrite: using flaws in the automatic update.)

9.       T

10.   F (Rewrite: A backward compatible application means it can recognize and work with applications written for an earlier version of the operating system.)

11.   F (Rewrite: Linux is open source software.)

12.   T



1.       H

2.       I

3.       J

4.       F

5.       B

6.       E

7.       G

8.       D

9.       C

10.   A




Problem Solving:

1. Difficulty Signing In to Operating System:

Answer: Retype the password slowly as typing fast can cause errors then if it still doesn’t reset your password from your email and try again or use a different way to login.


2. Missing Customization Settings:

Answer: If the customized background is replaced, it means probably someone has removed that. Or somehow the option was disabled by own or someone by accident. Also, another possibility is the license issue, or the customization will be removed and the default Windows screen will show up.


3. Incompatible Program:

Answer: First, I will check whether there is any error in the update. If there is no error, I will check whether there are any latest update patches for that price too and will apply that, because some programs might be updated to newer version in order to work in the new versions of OS. Also, I will do some researches on the Internet about that problem or contact the OS support people.


4. Insufficient Access:

Answer: It will happen with the current user who already logged in only. The administrator will not allow this user to change the state of computer.


5. Software Update Issues:

 Answer: Your device may have already updated or the company has not released the updates worldwide.


 Internet Research:

4. Security - Virus, Spyware, and Malware Protection:

Answer: The two websites I visited are Bitdefender and McAfee. For McAfee, the latest active threats were discovered and updated in February this year. It was called W32/Fujacks.remnants, and its level was low. The next virus payload strike is scheduled tomorrow. The strikes are scheduled every day for different types of virus. There are various malware of mobile device, but I chose the top two on this websites - Android/Tediss & RDN/Generic!1BC25844FA44. It recommended McAfee LiveSafe to remove virus. Bitdefender, the latest active threats were discovered and updated during the last 24 hours. It was called Cookie.Rub, and it did not show its level. The website did not show much information about its next virus payload strike and mobile device malware, but it did recommend many tools and resources to remove virus.